New product: RONDOconnect

The future of the bakery starts now. RONDOconnect interconnects your baked goods production systems ensuring maximum efficiency and transparency.

RONDO RONDOconnect IIoT für Teigausrollmaschinen

The new automation solution RONDOconnect links all RONDO production lines within your bakery. A dashboard provides a clear overview of all of machine data in real time enabling you to plan your production efficiently . Every process step can be retraced in the event of a fault. This not only increases productivity but using the remote access feature also reduces downtime All data is secured and saved on the company network. 

IIoT solution for baked goods production

With RONDOconnect, RONDO provides you with the advantages of an IIoT solution for your baked goods production, increasing productivity and minimising downtime. For the time being, RONDOconnect will only be available for RONDO artisanal dough sheeters –  however, a version for multi-purpose RONDO machines will be launched in autumn 2022.

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